I had tried out at some clothing inspired by my previous blog post about text in fashion.

My intention was to create a bandeau top which could also be seen a binder. As I am working with strong gender related themes, I wanted to express my own experience with gender and being non-binary through text, the type of garment, and how I modelled it on my own body. Using aesthetics of my project work, I machine sewed the word ‘WOMAN’ on the front – linking to my project title and the exploration of womanhood. By showing my arm pit hair, it contradicts the gender ‘norms’ society has placed on us and the view of what a woman should be/how they should look.

The next piece was inspired by Jennie Holzer’s note sewn onto Lorde’s dress, worn at the Grammy awards. I felt the use of a red piece of clothing worn could represent anger and frustration towards gender stereotypes, while also displaying feelings of power and strength of strong women.

I decided not to go ahead with this medium as I am not comfortable photographing my own body.


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