For this project, I was given the opportunity to pick my own theme. After thinking over a few ideas, I settled on the subject matter of religion and narrowed it down to the title ‘MIRACLES’. The reason behind my decision was influenced by two things; my upbringing attending a Catholic primary school, as well as the feedback I have received on my recent art.

I grew up in East Lothian and attended St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School. Every day I was taught that we must worship God and was brought up surrounded by religious imagery.
Furthermore, my grandmother, who is still a very important person in my life, was a strong believer in the Catholic faith which was evident in the art hung in her home – where I spent a lot of time growing up. One early memory I have is looking at the picture of Jesus placed on her dresser in front of the mirror which sat directly in front of her bed. Although my family were never strict about religion, it was undeniably very present in my life from a young age.
I am also often reminded in my grandmothers spiritual belief, whether that be in how I perceive things now, in my dreams, or the stories I am told by my family.
However, since leaving primary school I have not been active in this faith, and I’m still questioning what I believe. Although, I think the way I was brought up is always subconsciously there in the back of my mind, and this was beginning to show through my art even though it wasn’t intentional. A lot of the feedback I was receiving on my art was centred around its link to religion. I therefore felt it would be beneficial to use this as my theme in this project.

Initial responses to my theme, inspired by the miraculous stories of the statues of Mary crying;


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