The final part of this project was to create a minimum of four interpretations using developmental drawing based on the past few weeks works, ready to present at next weeks crit.
I didn’t want to plan too much before going into this part of the task as I didn’t want my work to come across too structured or perfect. I reflected on my blog posts and considered what I enjoyed doing, what I thought was interesting technique wise and aesthetically, as well as what used a mixture of techniques. One thing I was conscious of during this final process was to avoid compiling all previous techniques into one work, a piece of feedback I have received in the past which has stuck with me.

This first piece is pen on tissue paper and wire. This piece uses the technique of creating a 3D form and drawing around it to create a new shape. I decided to keep the wire for the developed piece as I liked the colours together, as well as combining 2D and 3D form on top of another. The original photograph that inspired this work was of a pair of earphones, and it’s interesting to see how my development has travelled from there to this piece. The wire being a secure and strong material also contrasts with the broken, unsure and shaky blue outline under it, as well as its weak surface of tissue paper.

Similar to the piece above, I used the same technique but this time on a different surface. I had deconstructed a piece of carboard to use its three different surfaces. The first picture shows the string messily places on top of the circles, and the second showing the line drawn on using pen. I had previously used this idea of three separate surfaces in work before, and wanted to use it again for developed work. Although they may look visually different, the line connects them all together as one.

This is my favourite of my development work. Using a projector, I projected a previous set of work onto this A1 piece of paper hung on the wall. I then drew the projected photograph onto the paper using charcoal. I enjoyed seeing my before smaller work blown up in size, and found that I could be very free with my mark making using this technique as the picture was very blurry. It develops the original form into something entirely new, and it would probably be difficult for someone to recognise what the original form even was. I would like to use this technique again in future work, perhaps distorting something even further.

This piece went through a series of development in itself. I thought I wanted to create something large scale, but found myself resorting to the issue mentioned in my introduction of adding every technique and material in for no real reason.. I started this piece using a variety of techniques, forms, materials and line, but found it looked messy and disconnected. I took a break, and decided to come back to it. While tidying, I found cut outs of the three circles used in Piece 2, and thought I could involve them somehow in saving this piece. I liked the idea of looking through something, using it as my window or viewfinder. I originally played around with adding them to the whole paper, but found that they worked better as smaller pieces. I took the most interesting parts of the whole drawing, and used the cut outs as my viewfinder. I ended with these two pieces which I think work well together due to their size and shape. I then added some detail to make them more visually interesting and link to previous my work.

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