My last collection of development work continued with the idea of distorting photographs of myself but this time in a different media. As a lot of my work had been digital so far, I wanted to try out using physical media – drawing photographs of myself and then distorting them using locations around my home. To do so, I started by painting and drawing photographs of myself using acrylics and coloured pen. I wanted these drawings to be fairly simple as the warped line is the main focus of this development. Below are some of the drawings I had done before warping them;

I tried to find interesting spaces around my home, using connecting walls, curved, straight lines, and furniture to warp my drawings.

My work relates to the artist Elizbather Peyton due to my minimal use of tone, as well as subject matter and the fact that I drew from photographs, just as Peyton does in her work. Along with Peyton, I have also written a post on artist Flora Borsi, who is known for her warped photographs of women, questioning beauty.

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