Before creating any quilts of my own, I decided to go out and buy a blanket/quilt/bed cover to work on top of as experimentation of size and mark making. This was a good exercise to practice scaling up my marks, as well as thinking about how I would display and work with such a large piece in my small flat.

I could only afford a mattress cover, but I appreciated the quilted look it had of overlapping diamond shapes stitched on the front.

I was very happy with how this came out. The size of the pieces feels as though it makes the work more powerful as it’s saying ‘look at me!!’ as it’s hard to ignore. I also love the use of glitter glue as it shines when photographs are taken with the flash on. The combination of emotional and personal text placed on top of a comforting surface creates a feeling of understanding – it makes the piece feel like home. However, I think due to the brutal and harsh painting style creates a feeling of unease and sadness.


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