My theme for this project was ‘The Sorrow of Mary’. The intention of my resolved piece was to represent the purity and light associated with the Virgin Mary in comparison with the theme of sorrow signified in the statue centred crying blood tears. I think overall my resolved piece is relevant to my original theme, but only to a certain extent. Without context it may be difficult to see the direct link between my work and my theme as the subject of sorrow isn’t so obvious.

My developed work consistently stuck with the subject of religion; however, the theme of sorrow may not be so clear. I struggled with trying out so many different areas of development that they all became too disconnected. This meant I found it difficult to create a steady timeline of work. Furthermore, having changed my theme also had an impact in how all my developed work relates to the original theme.

My materials and methods were heavily influenced by the Renaissance period as I started looking at the origins of religious art in my research. Investigating famous names and works such as the ‘Statue of David’ by Michelangelo influenced my use of materials, for example, the Virgin Mary bust made from clay. I was influenced by contemporary artists such as David Mach in using wire, and Ana Mendieta’s ‘Self-Portrait with Blood’ as I dressed and photographed myself as the Virgin Mary.

When experimenting I started by using cheaper materials before moving on to more expensive materials to work around financial issues.

I was originally making this shrine to commemorate the Virgin Mary and her life story, and in further development I wanted to do the same but of my younger self and the struggles I faced during my time at primary school. I want to add that this school is no longer there, and that locating my ‘self-shrine’ there could be a way of mourning that time/place.

I feel as though looking at my resolved work through video did not have the same effect as being there in person, which is why presenting my further development as an interactive installation would be more successful and powerful.

I was influenced by multiple artists throughout this project. For example, I was heavily inspired by Bill Viola’s use of sound. Viola tells of this constant everyday sound which shapes the way he uses audio in his videos. Although it may seem like there is no sound, it is created naturally all around us, which can be just as effective as a pre-recorded audio track. I took this idea when presenting my work in the final crit.

I felt I managed my time effectively as I continuously kept a note throughout the project of what I had done each day which greatly helped with planning and writing blog posts.

I think I became overwhelmed with the many pathways I could go down which subsequently left me feeling lost. To improve, I think that using different research sources could have been beneficial. Attending religious services and getting up to date first-hand experience could have also helped to inspire me and my work.


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