As we aren’t able to be in our usual college studio space, we have created our own imaginary space. To do so, each of us chose a special location and found out the coordinates via I chose Yellowcraig Beach as I have fond memories here during a difficult time in my life. I fell in love with the beach and how small it made my problems feel. My coordinates were 56.05863 -2.72483. Below are some photos of my location;

Once we all had the coordinates for our chosen location, we found the middle point to decide on our new studio space. The following pictures show the collection of my class’s location points, as well as the new studio space.

As the studio location itself is in the middle of a field, I researched it’s surrounding areas and found some information. Using Google Maps, I found out that the location is a 26/28 minute (7.3/7.9 miles) drive depending on if you go via Colinton Road or Queens Drive. To walk, it wouold take me 2.27 hours, or 54 minutes by bike, or 10 minutes by bus. I also found that the Tiphereth Main Office, a community space for adults with learning difficulites, is 0.3 miles away. Their website can be found at;


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