Finally back at college and getting into the swing of creating to deadlines again!

This past week, we were to photograph mini installations in our home. I specifically wanted my own installations to not be preplanned, but to show every day living. I find it interesting that we can know so much about a person based off of their surroundings and living space. Here are the photographs I contributed to the group along with the MURAL room showing the others installations:

We then were to create observational drawings from these installations with the restriction of using monochromatic media within A3 size. I found this a fun and simple task which helped me to get into the flow of creating within planned restrictions and to a deadline. Since lockdown, I have continued to create in my own time, but my process is a lot different than when I work in college. The way I work to a deadline feels a lot more pressured, planned, and consistent, whereas creating in my free time feels less serious. When creating my observational drawings for this task, I tried to use a variety of different techniques and methods. For example, using my non dominant hand, timing myself, or drawings while not looking at the page. Here are my observational drawings from this task;

We then had small group tutorials over video call in which we presented our work and had a casual discussion about what was successful and unsuccessful. I enjoyed being able to talk to my classmates again and found it beneficial to see their work alongside mine, comparing the different approaches we all took. As we cannot be in the studio as before, I think this method is the closest thing to it in current circumstances. We all left feedback notes in our MURAL room which left me feeling a lot more confident and happy with my work than when I went into the call.

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