With having to take a short break in the middle of this project, I felt that I had lost motivation and inspiration to carry on. I had a chat with my tutors during my mid project crit about what motivation means and if it is crucial to completing work. Do we NEED to feel inspired and passionate to complete work? Or is it okay sometimes to work just to get something done?

Since then, I have spent some time reflecting on the strengths in my project so far. I was encouraged to continue working digitally and with the collages due to their compositional strengths. I think that although I enjoyed working with photographs of myself, it was not the best route for my work. With time moving on, I’ve started to think about the end of the project and what I would like to achieve from it – whether that be learning about motivation or simply creating something I’m visually happy with.

Keeping my feedback in mind, I continued with the projection and collages I made, combining them. I then edited them in Photoshop, fixing any over exposed windows, dark colours, etc. I was mindful of the shape of my projection, using furniture and walls to my advantage as it helped make the shape more interesting. I loved how the vivid colours stand out against the textures of the walls and normally average looking kitchen, and it makes me wish I could have these as permanent untraditional decoration around my home, just as some use framed pictures on the walls.

Edited Photographs;

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