The past few weeks I have been experimenting some more with collage! After mid project crits, I took some much needed time to evaluate the project so far (as well as taking a few days off needed for personal stuff).
My initial idea was to switch back to traditional work instead of digital by drawing my collages onto large sheets of tracing paper and recreating the projections physically instead of through the projector. My thought process behind this was to have the benefit of using multiple media, as well as trying out new surfaces which I could alter and distort myself using my surroundings. I first made some practice pieces, experimenting with shape and different media to see how they would react to the tracing paper, as well as how they’d look in different locations before attempting my first resolved piece.

Attempt at first resolved piece.

As you can see, I didn’t get very far, but I think that’s because it wasn’t going as I had hoped. I was struggling on how to paint glitches, and even with doing some research on watching tutorials, I still felt lost… It was during this time that I came across the artist Justin Bower, who I will write about in a following blog post. Following my next tutorial, I decided to go back to making collages and sticking with the digital work using Photoshop I had to keep in mind the plan to project these on to specific parts of my home – this is important as it changed the size, shape, outline, patterns and colours used in each collage.

I am happy with how these are going so far and am excited to see how they look projected. I imagine that as I experiment with projections, I will come up with more ideas/ways to improve.

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