Alongside using photographs to display memories before lockdown, I have also been using videos. I began by simply projecting videos onto the walls, experimenting with the location around me, manipulating the video round furniture, walls, and using mirrors as a symbol of reflection on the past year. I also had a video of a glitching television which I used as it fit with my theme of reliance on technology. I have combined each test into single videos to show my experimentation on location;


Furthermore, I decided to make my own video using Adobe Premiere. I wanted to stick with the theme of glitch/technology, altering the video through effects. This was the final result; WAWWApractice – YouTube I then used my projector to display this video as a way to test how it looked in my environment as seen in this video: wawwaloc – YouTube.

Ideally, I would like to be able to display these on a larger scale to show the videos in more detail as I feel it’s difficult to see what the videos are at such a small scale. I would also like to explore audio in the future, whether it be working with recorded audio or purposely using silence to my advantage. I am proud of myself for using Premiere as I have been away from it for a while due to being out of college, and enjoyed messing around with filters and effects to achieve the look I desired. Although I think I need to have more practice using this program, I find it enjoyable and the results are worth the time I put into it.

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