Alongside my contextual research in this project, I wanted to write a bit about the tools I have used in Photoshop while editing, and the reasons behind them. I couldn’t find an individual artist who I felt represented what I was trying to put out, and thought that it would be best to explain my inspiration through analysing the array of images saved to my Pinterest board which inspired my use of editing tools throughout this project.

Technology was one of my themes for this project – linking to our reliance on the digital world throughout the pandemic. To convey this, I used a lot of ‘glitch’ affects in my work. My colour palette reflected bright and neon colours of screens, perhaps seen when a screen has been broken or there is a warning sign that uses eye catching colours to grab our attention. LCD (Liquid-crystal display) screens consist of a flat-panel display where these crystals sit in an ordered state. Liquid crystals (which sit somewhere between a liquid and gas) do not emit light directly, and therefore use a reflector or backlight to create the image we see. When the flat-panel display is broken, or pressure is applied, this is our way of manually breaking this ordered state, hence disrupting the crystals and creating these colours, or ‘glitches’

Although the scientific explanation hurt to understand, I was still drawn to the visual aesthetics of it. Here are a few examples of digital glitches, followed by my work inspired by its appearance.

One tool I used very often in this project was ‘inverted’. I found this tool useful to create an unnerving appearance to my work. It brings out unseen details in my photographs, which I found useful when trying to portray the reality of my domestic setting. As seen in the example images below, I feel that this tool is particularly valuable for creating a sense of familiarity yet something is still a bit unusual and almost alien. Here are a few images saved to my Pinterest board;

Below are a few examples of my work from this project which used the inverted tool in editing. I feel they are successful in appearing somewhat sinister through the use of colour. Things are not exactly as we expect them to be which creates an unsettling atmosphere.

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