This post is the collection of work I presented at the final crit for our We Are Where We Are project.
This first slideshow shows a small but diverse selection of the hundreds of photographs I took projecting my collages made earlier in the project. These are unedited.

The next slideshow display my photographs edited using the app Hyperspektiv. I kept with the theme of technology and glitches for these few.

Furthermore, I also tried out some video work. The first video is a compilation of Hyperspektiv edited photographs projected in different locations around my flat. When selecting a filter, you can choose the motion option rather than still. I thought this was more effective for some of my collages as it represents the technology/glitch look. I then went a step further and edited this video once again. I liked the idea of having a starting point and recycling the piece over and over again so you end with a totally new outcome.
In the first video I added an extra layer of audio – a recording of the buzzer phone in my flat. Sometimes I like to sit and listen to it to hear the sounds from outside. Cars driving past, people walking past, lorries beeping in the distance. I think it has been a sort of comfort when I’m not able or don’t feel like going outside.

This final slideshow is the collection of resolved Photoshop edited images. My intention with these was to create something recognisable yet have them hold an unnerving or sinister atmosphere. This is to depict what this year has been like – the unknown rules, the frightening thought of the future, our lives feeling somewhat the same yet so different, as well as the stillness that lockdown has thrown upon us. Colour and exposure were hugely important in achieving this appearance.

I was very pleased with my feedback during the final crit. Some detailed on how it accurately represents my current living situation, showing the relationship between my space and myself – even if that space may feel eerie in these works. I feel I was able to display a level of intimacy in my personal life while still feeling relatable to a lot of young peoples experiences during lockdown. The uncanny and alien editing helped to assist in making my work fit my theme and own experience while keeping a recognisable atmosphere of the domestic space.

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