I have recently been feeling a bit unmotivated to work, therefore I am writing an evaluation of the project so far (almost half way through) to keep up to date with work and inspire myself to continue.

So far, I have been enjoying the project. I felt anxious to start in case my theme didn’t have enough substance to last as long as the full duration of the project – but this has not been an issue. I always have lots of idea boxes to tick off, and have recently been focusing on contextual work.

I think there has been some confusion over the title of my project in conjunction with my work. I originally thought it fit my idea of existing as a person who happens to be a female presenting non-binary person, although many have advised that the title implies I am focusing on being a woman and the connotations and stereotypes that come with that. I have since been altering my work to concentrate on the inclusion of female related issues and stereotypes I have faced in my own life. I feel this fits both my original theme’s intention, as well as working with feedback.
Following this, my contextual work has had an emphasis on the history of women within each technique I have looked into – for example, women and the history of embroidery.

This project has so far helped me to learn that it’s better to take the time off to ensure you are creating productive work. In the past I felt I was just making work to show I had done something – whereas this time around I have been more relaxed and therefore have enjoyed creating and looking at my art more. Almost as if I have found the appropriate balance for my own way of working.

This week, I have a few contextual blog posts to write before I want to get stuck back into creating again. I think learning about a technique, movement and/or artists helps me in my process of creating as I feel inspired to make work and am not going into something in the dark. I look forward to see how my project continues.


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