As my attempt at quilt making didn’t go terribly well last week, I decided to take a few steps back and resurface old project work that I was happy with.
I found this A3 pen collage piece, a work consisting of many different patterns, colours, subjects and text all mashed together. I remember enjoying making this piece as it was very carefree and imperfect.

Once I found this piece, I started to evaluate what went wrong in my quilt making, and what was successful/enjoyable about it. I think my main issue was regarding the boarder, while the successful parts lied in the main body and sewing the fabric together. I decided this is what I was going to do with this piece as a practice.

I began by covering the collage with a white cutting from a pillowcase. This allowed me to trace the drawing underneath. I then used offcuts of material to mimic the underneath design, creating a brand new fabric collage. Once pressed and pinned on, I sewed the fabric down. I then used a combination of machine and hand stitching to sew the more intricate details.

It felt a bit flimsy at this point, so I decided to give it more support with a doubled over thin blanket. This is the same material I used to make my first quilt, which meant it had a more comforting and weighted look to it once added.

I added a very obvious and feminine border to attach the blanket material together. I felt that as it was my weakness before, I will not shy away from it and try to hide it in this piece, but make it a very noticeable and purposeful part of it.

Next came the quilt stitching – which was my favourite part last attempt. I went with a free form stripe pattern to cover the whole piece as the frame looked empty.

I was happy with how this piece combined my strengths and weaknesses to make something new. I love the range of colours and fabrics, giving texture to the work. Although the outline of the piece was on purpose, I would prefer the border/framing to be more structured and straight to fit the elements of what makes a quilt. Because of this, I think that this piece works more as a wall hanging feature.


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