While I was waiting for quilt no. 3 to dry, I experimented with some spare material I had. The quarters were split up, so I did a basic stitch to connect them all – joining into pairs and then all together. The fabric didn’t fit the aesthetic of my project, so I drew using Posca pens once the pieces were sewn together. This helped to fit the subjects of my project topic. In response to my first quilt attempt and ‘quilt development (1)’, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to practice sewing the border.

With a lot of iron pressing and a newly found technique of using double sided sticky tape to held keep edges more precise before sewing, I was pretty proud of the outcome as it was a lot neater than my previous attempts. Although the final boarder stitching isn’t very orderly, I am happy with the outcome as it is a lot tidier than before.


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