The intention of this third development was to experiment with ‘stitching the ditch’ with specific patterns which fit my project aesthetic, as well as using my own decorated squares of material to create a quilt.

Once I had drawn onto each square, I sewed them all together to create a large square. This was then sewn onto two larger cuts of blanket to create the crucial element of the three tiers to make a quilt.

Squares sewn onto the blanket backing.

Trimmed down, I began sewing free form stitching, using feminine patterns which fit my projects aesthetic.

Next came adding the border, something I was now feeling more confident about after making ‘quilt development (2)’. I again used my method of using double sided sticky tape and pressing before sewing everything down.

I was very proud of the outcome as it was a lot neater this time, especially the border. I enjoyed free form using my own patterns rather than traditional quilt stitches as it made my work fit my theme and allow me full creativity. As this piece is only 13×13 inches, I would love to make a larger piece to look more like a full usable quilt. I am undecided if I should use several squares before bordering them all, or if it would look better creating many small quilts and sewing them all together. Overall, I am proud of todays work.


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