As I have been researching a lot into feminism and ‘feminine’ textile and collage art, I felt a quilt would be ideal for my resolved piece of this project. I have been practicing and experimenting over the past few weeks with smaller quilt/tapestry like pieces – as seen in my most recent blog posts. I also felt making my own quilt could be a way of embodying the theme of comfort – a word which has come up a lot during my project notes and research. I have enjoyed the process of quilt making so far, although it is still a bit of a challenge sometimes. I look forward to seeing how this comes out.

After a 1-1 chat, I began planning the quilt.

I started by sewing two blankets together, creating the inner comfy bit that goes between the backing and the decorated front. I then measured how much material I would need for the front of the front of the quilt, and began cutting this material into squares – it worked out as 9×9 squares tall and wide, which equals to 81. I was indecisive about whether to use one big sheet or to do individual designs on each of the squares, but felt each piece of material should be used for its own little story and meaning – a way of displaying a myriad of what a person goes through being a woman. As I am non-binary, the emotions I was conveying were what I have gone through in my life so far, and the things which follow me as I am female presenting.

Planning out the squares & observation notes.

My day was spent drawing onto all of these squares. I started off putting a lot of detail into each individual piece, but then realised that this may make the quilt look to busy when all stitched together. As this is going to be a bigger piece too, I needed to scale up my marks – so I painted on several at once for some of them, and was less precise for a few to break up the possibility of making it too chaotic.

The next step is to wait for everything to dry before sewing all of the squares into one giant square for the front of the quilt. If I were to do this again, I would have prepared myself better using better equipment as it was very difficult to cut the squares to the same size. I worry this will affect the outcome of the front of the quilt being uneven and not a perfect square shape. I’m hoping I can resolve this when sewing the squares together and adding a border and the end. I also didn’t initially realise how transparent the square material is, which meant I had to buy another sheet to use as backing to avoid the inner blanket material showing through too much.


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